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Icons by Michelle

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This is my icon journal. All icons posted here are up for grabs.

I do take requests. If you see something here you like but would like to see some different text on it or something else done with it, simply ask. I will try my best to do what I can.

If I've used some of your work and failed to credit you, please be assured it was an accident. I am the most forgetful and disorganized person you'll ever meet. Please leave me a comment and I'll add you to my list of resources. Thanks!

I get most of my stock photography from Getty Images.

I use textures from rainharbour, indienotebook, glistengirli, spiritcoda, and colorfilter.
I use brushes from shoegal_icons, meleada, hexicons, offbeat_upbeat, addicted_smiles and iconlove__.

I also use brushes from the following DeviantArt users: Rauvinne, IIokua, Elatariel, Magdalena-stock, and Foxxie-chan.